Benefits of Tire Rotation and Balance


A tire rotation is an essential service that can help keep your tires and vehicle running efficiently and performing at an optimal level. When you get your tires rotated on a regular basis, you can ensure that you’re doing all you can to prolong the life and performance of your tires. Uneven tread results from a failure to rotate your tires on a regular basis. This can put extra strain on the engine, and it can make your vehicle less safe to drive. Vehicles with uneven tread don't stop as quickly, have more trouble gripping the road and create a less safe driving environment for you and your passengers.

When you get your tires rotated regularly, they tend to wear more evenly.  This can add thousands of miles on to the life of your tires. Uneven tires that are never rotated may wear down on one side to an unsafe level. When the tread gets too thin and too much weight is placed on one side, the tire may experience a blowout while driving at high speeds. This can be prevented by getting regular maintenance on your vehicle. Additionally, since uneven tires can cause the engine to work harder, you may also experience decreased fuel efficiency.