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Auto Electrical Repair: Diagnosys


When a vehicle electrical problem is troubling you daily, it’s important that you can explain it accurately to your mechanic.  The more information you give, the faster we can diagnose it and repair your electrical problem.  Remember, time is essential and we make sure you get the most value from your electrical repairs.


When you are having vehicle electrical issues, pay attention to when the symptoms occur.  Can you recreate the problem for us?  What driving conditions were you in; extreme heat, cold, rain, accelerating, braking, using power accessories like air conditioner or interior lights.  All of these clues will help us get to the root cause of your electric problems and fix them fast.  No observation is too small, this includes noting whether the problem happens intermittently or all of the time and whether there have been recent repairs somewhere else.


Electrical System Services


Your vehicle's electrical system is very sophisticated and full of computer controlled devices these days.  It covers everything in your car that needs electrical power to operate as well as the components that power it, like the battery and charging system.  This could be anything from the simple dashboard lights to complex computer systems that control safety and security features like Anti theft, keyless entry, automatic braking ABS systems, Tire Pressure Monitors, Air Bags, Ignition control systems, Entertainment systems, Lighting systems, Traction Control, All Wheel Drive AWD systems, Heating & Air Conditioning systems, and even electric power steering.